Coming Soon:
            Does Size Matter - a survey of the financial results of independent and 'big group' publishers
            Decisions, decisions - some guidelines on how to make better informed publishing decisions.
            What is it worth ? How to value publishing assets and companies whether buying or selling
            Selling up - Tips on how to get ready to sell your business and maximise exit value
            Understanding business accounts - how to establish the condition of a business from its numbers
            Preparing a business Plan - what should it contain

            And these are some articles previously published in the Business Times:-

              Report 1 - Keeping the bill small: how owners of SMEs can get more for less from their accountants

              Report 2 - Making it all add up: how SMEs can gain access to affordable financial management expertise
              Report 3 - Sitting comfortably : why all businesses should keep meticulous financial records - a salutary tale.